Viking Mat Well Grate replacement

Building entrance mat well grates are a common sight in Canada, but for property managers, they are often a messy, unsightly and challenging feature to deal with.

Most mat wells consist of a shallow tray covered in a metal grating system, designed to catch dirt and moisture before it can travel into the facility.

Unfortunately, most mat wells use ineffective and expensive grating systems that wear out and look terrible, leaving a disappointing first impression when people enter the building.

Aluminum grate systems can be difficult to work with.  Because they are usually one or two pieces, they are extremely heavy and cumbersome, so most facility managers don’t bother cleaning them out regularly.  This can lead to a build up of corrosive salt residue, warping and damaging the grating and eventually degrading the concrete base.

Aluminum grating is very expensive and requires professional installation, so replacement plans are often put off well past the life-span of the grates. Even if a small section of the grating is worn out, the entire grate system must be replaced.

From a user perspective, aluminum grating can become very slippery when wet, is a poor scrubber and is generally noisy and unattractive.

Rismat’s modular, UV and corrosion-resistant PVC scrub tile system is quickly becoming the most popular replacement system for mat wells.

The 8” square tiles lock together, creating a seamless, comfortable and effective scrub system that is easy to install, remove, clean, and replace.  Since each tile can be easily disconnected, worn out sections can be replaced individually, saving thousands of dollars over the life of the product.

The Nylon brush inserts on our Viking tiles offer a superior scrub action, while the open channel pattern allows moisture to dissipate into the grate.

Real-world testing has shown our Viking tiles can withstand foot traffic beyond 50 million people and still offer a superior, comfortable and safe solution.

Our scrub tiles can be surface mounted with added beveled edging or fitted into any size of mat well easily, and is the choice for many apartments buildings, public attractions and transit systems.