Rismat Objective:

Foot traffic in homes brings in a surprising amount of debris that spreads through homes.  Proper matting can reduce the amount of debris spread around the house by more than 80%.


Residential Mat:

Most dust in a home is spread into the air from dust and debris brought in on the feet.  Outfitting all entrances with highly absorbent Magic Mats can hold and control not just moisture, but dust and other debris until you vacuum it up.  In covered porch areas or verandas, a FirstGuard tile mat can catch and hold up to 40% of the loose dirt before the doors, providing an additional level of protection to your home.  Magic Mats in key areas like kitchens, laundry rooms, and washrooms stops slip and fall accidents and prevents the spread of moisture and other materials.  Magic Mats are machine washable and come with a 2-year warranty against failure or flaws.

Our recommended product offering for this sector is as follows:

Magic Mats are a superior house mat intended for absorbing dirt, oil and water while capturing dirt and moisture at the door, protecting floors and carpets from costly damage.

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First Guard is our modular, multi-purpose flooring tile product. It is frequently installed as an outdoor matting system but it can also be fitted in mat wells or applied to a variety of other industrial or commercial tasks.

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