Rismat Objectives:

Like any facility, it’s important to reduce or eliminate the transfer of pollution wherever possible in factories and industrial facilities.  It’s also critical to ensure a safe, clean work environment.  Doing this improves productivity, morale, and efficiency.

Industrial / Commercial

Using Primary Matting at all entranceways keeps the outside dirt and moisture from transferring into the facility.  We recommend either our Viking scrub tiles, or our SuperGuard scrub tiles, depending on the facility’s needs.  A section of Magic Mats will grab and hold all the excess dust, dirt and moisture.  Armour Mats placed in key areas of transition ensure not only a slip-proof transition but will stop the transfer of debris and moisture from kitchen and washroom areas, as well as acting as an excellent grease control in work areas.  At work stations, Slip Guard grease-proof rubber mats or Anti-Fatigue grease-proof mats allow for a safe and comfortable work area that will withstand industrial greases and oils so that productivity is not diminished.  In restrooms, the Urinal Mat will stop the tracking of pollutants from leaving the area.

Our recommended product offering for this sector is as follows:

Super Guard is our enhanced, modular flooring tile product. It is frequently installed as an outdoor matting system where aggressive scraping tines are required.

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Armor Plus Mat is high quality entrance mat that provide consumers with an extremely functional and durable mat at a competitive price.

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Our Anti-fatigue mat is designed and engineered for maximum comfort and safety.

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Viking Tile is our modular, premium flooring tile product. It is primarily installed as an outdoor matting system but it can also be fitted in mat wells.

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