• Neutra-life is a non-acidic, commercially neutral cleaner that is safe for use on any water washable surface. Using a 30ml/L solution of Neutra-life and cold water, this cleaner works by dissolving and lifting salt buildup that can be easily vacuumed off mats or wiped away off hard-surface floors. Most stains or residues that cause alkali browning can be removed using Neutra-life, and the solution will help bring the original colour back into those mats.
    • Features:
      • Unique, non-acid formula that removes salt residues from mats, carpets and floors
      • Dual function— heavy duty floor cleaner and salt stain remover
      • Neutralizes alkali residues on hard floors
      • Neutralizes alkali browning, brightening colour loss on carpets and mats
    • Use Directions – Dilution*—1:33 or 30mL/L with cold water
      • Ice Melter Removal (Hard Surfaces): Use in a mop and bucket or auto scrubber to remove salt residue
      • Ice Melter Removal / Non-Browning Treatment (Mats/Carpets): Dilute Neutra-Life with water into the clean solution tank of a carpet extractor. Extract carpet to remove salt residue or to neutralize alkali browning/colour fading
      • Heavy Duty Floor Cleaning: Use with mop and bucket or auto scrubber for use as heavy duty cleaner

*Increase concentration as needed for heavily soiled mats and carpets. Always spot test before use.

    • Appearance: Clear Blue Liquid
    • Scent: Pine
    • pH, Concentrate: 5.5—7.5
    • pH, 1:33 (dilution): 5.5—7.5
    • Specific Gravity: 1.05
    • Viscosity: 15-30 cps
    • Available Order Size: 4L jug or 20 L case (4x4L jugs)
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Neutra-Life Salt and Stain Remover Product Sheet (English)