Rismat FloorGuard Luxor Vip China Red Mat
Rismat FloorGuard Luxor Vip Royal Red Mat

Luxor and VIP mats are constructed using a luxurious textile and were specifically designed for buildings where prestige and comfort are valued, such as hotels, casinos, restaurants, etc. The Lu8xor and VIP mat will not only effectively remove the dirt but also protect and prolong the life of expensive floor coverings.


• Proprietary dye to achieve an ultra vibrant color.


• Best suited in entrances and hallways where prestige and comfort are valued.

Yarn Type (VIP): Synthetic Fiber
Yarn Type (Luxor): Antistatic Polyamide 6
Backing: PVC Compound
Roll Size (VIP): 200 cm x1800 cm
Roll Size (Luxor): 180 cm x 2000 cm
Indoor air quality testing: Conforms to GB 18401-2010
Does not contain formaldehyde and / or decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes

Luxor Mat / VIP Mat Product Sheet (English)